Research and Medical Advisor Profile

Dr Mark Draper, BSc, MBBS, DA, DRCOG, MFHom

Physician Dr Mark Draper trained as a medical doctor at Guys Hospital Medical School and over the past 26 years has held posts in Chest, Haematology and General medicine;

Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Geriatrics and Accident and Emergency and General Practice.


After observing the close relationship between nutrition and health, Dr Draper went on to research and specialise in nutrition and complementary medicine. He practices at the Malvern Integrated Health Centre  and has been using the Q-Science systems including the BioNuropulse and BioEnergy Detox system for 2 years. He is currently involved in assessing the benefits of these systems in restoration and maintenance of well-being for people with a variety of different conditions. He has personally noted.


Dr Draper has a certificate in Nutritional Medicine, and as Medical Director of Nutrition Matters designed and directed a postgraduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine and regularly lectures on nutrition health. He is Medical Adviser to Natures Own and Cytoplan in Hanley Swan. Dr Draper also holds a BSc Hons in Zoology and is an active member of the British Society of Ecological Medicine.


that the regular use of the BioEnergy D-Tox improves his energy levels and will remove leg oedema that occurs with prolonged sitting, flying or driving. Healthcare professionals are learning more about the other applications for the system including excess sweating of the feet, improvement of skin conditions and circulation to the limbs including lymphoedema.