Reviews and user experience of the Bioenergiser detox spa

Four years ago I had to have an operation on my leg to remove a fatty lump. Since then my leg was continually swollen, painful and always felt ‘heavy’. I returned to the doctor’s endless times as I thought this was not right. I was prescribed creams and tablets which had no effect. I was referred back to my specialist and was told that everything was fine I had damaged nerves and the condition would heal in time. Four years on and my leg had not improved at all. I then heard from a friend about the BioEnergiser Detox Spa. I decided to find out more as I was desperate to find something that would help my leg. I booked a course of treatments, after the first treatment there was no apparent difference. After the second treatment I realised that the pain had begun to ease. I now have monthly treatments, my leg is still slightly swollen but I am totally pain free. In time I hope the treatment will remove all of the swelling. ”
J.B. Abingdon

After starting a new job which involved a large increase in driving, an old neck/shoulder injury was aggravated to a point that I became almost immobile. I learned about the BioEnergiser D-tox Spa through having a detailed and informative consultation. I decided to try the treatment. Despite not being able to lift my arm at all after two treatments I regained full mobility in my neck and shoulder. Other treatments have not given me such instant and long lasting results. I now have treatments on a regular basis.
D.M. Oxon

I have now had four BioEnergiser treatments which I decided to try for sinus and acne problems. The treatments helped to calm the infections on my skin and afterwards my complexion has noticeably improved.
A.P. Drayton

I have been using the BioEnergiser Detox for some time now and am always amazed at just how quickly my aches and pains just disappear. I occasionally fall into the trap of missing the treatments and sure enough the aches and pains begin to come back. I really do not know how I would cope without it now.
M.K. Poole

I compete as a full-contact kick boxer. Though 35 years old now I am still doing very well in the sport and became European champion in 2004. Due to stress at work I suffered a mental and physical break down, immediately after I had to quit my job. All my energy was gone. 8 months later I learned I had ME, chronic fatigue syndrome. I tried all kinds of nutritional supplements because I felt sure that I lacked energy due to lack of vitamins and minerals, which was true in part.
After introducing the supplements I started feeling a little better but I still wasn't right. I know a lot about alternative medicine and I also know how important it is to detoxify the body. I thought as I was an athlete, training very hard and thereby stimulating the entire body, sweating due to exertion, I thought I was getting rid of excessive toxins... But as I proved later, this was not the case!
After using the BioEnergiser every day for two weeks, I started feeling much better. From only being able to drag myself to one training session a week, I suddenly was able to go to 4 sessions in one week… This letter is meant for anyone who disbelieves the effects this device can have...... With regards and lots of thanks.

A.E. Norway.
I have lived with Psoriasis for about 15 years. I am 31 now. It started with an itchy scalp and gradually spread to cover large areas of my forearms and lower legs with many smaller patches on my torso, tops of arms and legs.
Having tried a wide range of treatments and products and understanding the role of life style choices on my Psoriasis I can not think of one product or therapy that has been more effective than the BioEnergiser D-tox Spa in not only controlling the legions but actually reducing and removing areas and patches in a relatively short space of time. I am confident that continued use of the BioEnergiser D-tox pa will certainly lead to effective control and may even leave me with no patches of Psoriasis at all.
P.McB. Oxfordshire.

I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel - I’ve had M.E./ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 6 years now. The Bio Energiser foot spa has made the world of difference to me - I was totally convinced after my first treatment, as I felt so much better the next day and I’ve continued to improve with every subsequent treatment. M.E. is a very complex illness with some very strange symptoms, but I have seen so much improvement in several aspects of my health and for this, I will be eternally grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to try it for myself.
S.F. Dorset

I have suffered for many years from a disease known as fibromyalgia. While this chronic disease is not fully understood, some of the symptoms include aching, fatigue, lack of sleep, morning stiffness, headaches, and depression. After my very first Bio Energiser treatment my own symptoms have begun to subside and now feel so much better. Having suffered with this disease for so long I had forgotten how it felt to feel so well, with levels of energy I have not had for years.
L.C. Gloucester

A wonderfully relaxing experience, with new levels of energy following the treatment. I feel like I’m walking on air after each treatment. I’m hooked.
J.K. West Midlands

I was sceptical as to the benefits but after my first treatment I could not believe the new levels of energy that I was experiencing within the first 24 hours, simply amazing!
K.S. South Staffs

I must say I am very impressed with the Total Style Detox machine. For many years I have suffered from IBS & Interstitial Cystitis (a disease of the bladder where toxins leak into the body), so I tried a course of detox treatments from my local therapist and found it so beneficial I ended up buying a machine to help other people too.