How To Use The Foot Spa

Assemble The Bioenergiser

  • Remove all components from the carry case.
  • Place a liner in the bowl and pour in about 6 litres warm water. Ideally the water should come up to the internal groove around the inside of the bowl. Put the cartridge in place in the centre of the bowl.
  • Now, using the measuring spoon provided, add one level measure of the low sodium salt provided, to the water.
  • Important: Do not use ordinary domestic salt. Important: Do not use more salt than one level measure
    (unless no colour change occurs -please see previous reference to salt levels)
  • Make sure the salt is completely dissolved before beginning.
  • Fix the Control Unit to its location on the bowl.
  • Plug the power supply unit to a suitable power socket outlet.
  • Have about 500 mls of water to hand for drinking during the Session.
  • Gently place your feet [before switching on] or hands [after switching on] into the water. Make sure the water level does not rise higher than the vertical slots in the case of the cartridge. Now you can begin the treatment.

Operation Use The Bioenergiser

  • Make yourself comfortable in a warm, well ventilated area, with your water to hand.
  • Press the red circle on the Control Unit once, to start the session. The green light will come on and stay on.
  • If the unit buzzes or turns off straight away, discard the water and start again using less salt [see above].
  • The BioEnergiser will automatically start its cycle.
  • Every five minutes another yellow light, around the perimeter Of the Control Unit, will illuminate.
  • The session will last 30 minutes.
  • During this process, it is beneficial to drink the 500 mls of water you prepared earlier, at your own rate.
  • When the treatment has finished, a buzzer will sound  Intermittently all the lights will flash for times and the unit will turn off automatically.