Bioenergiser Consumable Kit

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Detox Spa System Consumable Kit

D-Tox Spa System Consumable Kits: Contains Cartridge,100g low sodium salt, measuring spoon, 30 bowl liners.

NEW: We have combination kit for the bioenergiser classic and pro models, alway fit your machine.

The metal spiral in the coil of the Bioenergiser Classic is severely affected by the use of water, salt and electricity combined. That is why this coil cannot be used after 30 treatments. This metal spiral is oxidized to such an extent that it no longer or hardly gives any conduction, and therefore simply cannot generate a bio-energetic field.

This spiral module is the most important part of the entire detox foot bath. We therefore supply special low sodium salt. This salt works best for the conduction of the bioenergetic field.
Note: Do not use salt with additives, Himalayan salt or sea salt. This ordinary salt conducts incorrectly, colors the container and affects the spiral, which is then quickly no longer usable.

We supply 30 plastic protective bags in our classic replacement set. The Spa Foot Bath becomes very dirty and the white bowl has turned brown after a few times and cannot be cleaned anymore.

The Bioenergiser Classic reuse set contains:

Coil / Spiral / Module with label
30 plastic protective bags
100g low sodium salt
A measuring spoon