Cartridge Cleaning Fluid


Special Cartridge Cleaning Fluid

200ml dilutable BioEnergiser Detox Spa array Cleaning fluid. Removes oxides, stains and film from metal and aluminium surfaces.

The Bioenergiser cleaner is a spiral cleaner for hygienic cleaning and extending the life of your detox spiral.

This is a chemical cleaner concentrate that can be used to intensively clean the spiral. The spiral is often cleaned with hot water for home use, but if you use the Bioenergiser with several people, or for business at customers, this cleaner is recommended and it is hygienic.

The spiral also deteriorates due to oxidation of the metal, this rust formation also largely falls off the spiral with this special cleaning agent, so that the spiral retains better conductivity until the end.


You use a cap of rinse cleaner in a bowl of hot water so that it is submerged to the brim. You can then leave the spiral for half an hour to 3 hours and then rinse with hot water.
(NOTE: no water should get into the top of the spiral steam module connection)

The coil cleaner can be used for all types of detox spirals.